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Our Biryanis

Praise From Our Patrons

We aim to prepare lip-smacking dishes using natural ingredients and unique culinary techniques. We ensure that our delicacies will not only pamper your taste palette but also steal your heart. We take ample care to present you with the most wholesome and best biryani experience that is hard to forget.

We strive continuously to ensure that our customers can savor the taste of the most delicious Boss bucket biryani. Whether it is chicken biryani or fish biryani, we always attempt to achieve the ultimate taste at the minimum cost.

For Franchise and Support
We are the hub of the best Hyderabadi biryani. Coming to you with more than three decades of experience, Boss Bucket Biryani is a well-known name. Popular as an amazing center of delicious biryani, we specialize in cooking all varieties of biryani.